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Rugged & Sturdy Maine Made Boats


In 1983, Maine native Mike Severance purchased a strip planked 14' row boat he found in an old barn just off the Piscataqua River, Maine's western boundary.  The boat had very traditional lines but was in very bad shape.  The Maine boat builders he asked to repair the boat suggested that they could also make a fiberglass mold and reproductions of this beautiful pulling boat.  These boats could be sold to help pay for the original boat's repair costs.  Thus the start of the Piscataqua Wherry and Bay of Maine Boats.


Today, Wherry's can be found in the Bahamas, and from Florida to Nova Scotia, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee, and just about every state in between

These rugged & sturdy Maine made boats are ideal for men, women, and children.  Many uses include learning boating and seamanship skills, recreation, and all around yacht tendering.  


All Bay of Maine Boats have been designed to exceed traditional standards for performance, durability, appearance, and safety.  If the boat should swamp, it will support you in the water until help arrives.


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