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Welcome to our gallery of images.  Here you will find photo's of our boats sent in from many happy customers along with our own archived images.  Please note the images are thumbnails to allow for a faster page load.  Simply click an image for the full size version. To have you photo included, kindly forward it along.

BMB-KPT-off-Casco-Bay.jpg (49793 bytes)

“Kittery Point Tender’s dramatic design lines while “in-tow” by Beneteau 31 in Casco Bay, Maine.

BMB-KPT-in-boothbay-Harbor.jpg (44792 bytes)


Kittery Point Tender patiently waiting for owners to return from exploring the town of Boothbay Harbor.”

BMB-KPT-cover-NJ-photo.jpg (147791 bytes)

"Proud New Jersey owner protecting his Kittery Point Tender with a Bay of Maine Boats' custom made cover."

BMB-KPT-proving-ease-of-tow.jpg (87485 bytes)


“Kittery Point Tender showing it’s ease of being towed.”

bmt2.jpg (191334 bytes)

bmt.jpg (139479 bytes)


Visiting 12 year old Spanish grandson adventuring out exploring the Goslings in a fine Bay of Maine Boats' Tender.

BMB-photo-KPT-on-Little-Cul.jpg (101465 bytes)

"Kittery Point Tender recreating on the beach at Little Culebra."

IMAG1293_BURST002_COVER.jpg (70803 bytes) IMAG2217.jpg (80943 bytes)
“A couple enjoying their Arundel Yacht Tender on the Alabama Gulf Coast in January.”
BMB-photo-AYT-in-Nova-Scoti.jpg (163390 bytes)
12’ Arundel Yacht Tender “Easy Daze” out for another adventure in her homeport in Nova Scotia.
BMB-photo-AYT-row-in.jpg (153283 bytes)
12’ Arundel Yacht Tender exploring her Nova Scotia Homeport.
BMB-RIP-Photo-BSD-2.jpg (141194 bytes)


We took these shots during our sea trails with Balogh Sail Design's "batwing" sail rigs.

BMB-RIP-photo-BSD-6.jpg (356921 bytes)
BMB-KPT-photo-Mary-W.jpg (167419 bytes) "Our grandson enjoyed rowing our new Kittery Point Tender this weekend, and he did well with both of us in the boat, too." "B.W. eastern Massachusetts"


At Left: The newest edition to our fleet, the 13'6" Ram Island Peapod.

Sailing lesson in Cuttyhunk on Buzzards Bay.

Leisurely sight seeing in Cuttyhunk, Buzzards Bay, with "Little Grin".
BMB photo KPT couple sailing in Harpswell.JPG (223974 bytes)
A couple sailing in Harpswell
BMB photo KPT sail in Harpswell.JPG (215802 bytes)
Sailing in Harpswell
BMB photo KPT Sam (dog) being rowed ashore.JPG (129521 bytes)

|Sam, a forty pound poodle, appears to be helping his mistress get to shore in the fog.

dingys on water.JPG (60740 bytes)

Fall photograph by Dave Parr of  
Bay of Maine Boats

photo_1.jpg (56727 bytes)

A proud owner enjoying his Kittery Point Tender in 
the Florida Keys.

photo_3.jpg (41933 bytes)

Family outing in a Kittery Point Tender off the 
Florida Keys.

photo_5.jpg (38121 bytes)

Sailing a Kittery Point Tender in 
Brooklyn, New York

On Smith Mountain Lake in the Hills of Southwestern Virginia - New Year's Eve Rowing Adventure

At rest in Biddeford Pool on a passage from Rockland winter storage to home port in Winthrop, Massachusetts

Family enjoying "Mainely Nana" on Green Pond Harbor, Falmouth, Massachusetts."

boats15.JPG (200043 bytes)


boats3.JPG (199988 bytes)


Attached are a couple of pictures of my Wherry named and ready to row. I can’t tell you in words how much I like the boat, it rows great through the chop and is quite the speedster with a good pull on the oars. People down here have remarked at how pretty a little boat it is. We’ve been out in it nearly every day, my 6 year old is learning to row as my companion using 1 oar soon I’ll need to get her a pair of smaller Shaw & Tenneys to row by herself!

Thanks again for such a beautiful boat,

George Sykes

Loving life and my Wherry on Cape Cod
sparrow.jpg (272440 bytes) First-ride.jpg (146701 bytes) Pic002.jpg (114668 bytes)
DSCN0060.jpg (101191 bytes)


gallery_7.jpg (69651 bytes)

gallery_12.jpg (164766 bytes)
gallery_11.jpg (112511 bytes) gallery_1.jpg (51711 bytes)
gallery_2.jpg (53129 bytes) gallery_9.jpg (132910 bytes) gallery_4.jpg (90832 bytes)
gallery_5.jpg (80156 bytes) gallery_10.jpg (117733 bytes)
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