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The Details


Eight years (1994) ago during a conversation with Mike's friend and technical advisor, they decided that they each needed a tender.  After two pages of notes detailing criteria for their ideal tender, it was agreed that there wasn't a boat currently available that met their high standards for performance, durability, appearance, and safety.


They took their idea and notes to Ted Perry of East/West Custom Boats for his observations and guidance.  After his review, Ted worked with Doug Martin, Marine Designer, to merge their criteria and standards into a traditional looking yacht tender and one that incorporated modern hydrodynamic technological performance.  The results were a very exciting boat.  Both the appearance and the performance of this yacht tender have made it successfully compete in sales against tenders and dinghy's from around the world.


The 8' K'port Pram resulted from inquiries at boat shows requesting a smaller tender that a 30' and under boat could use towing, on deck, or in davits.  Doug Martin, again, was asked for help and he spent over a year designing and testing.  He created a very capable and very large 8' boat  that exceeded all expectations.


Below are a few photo's showing some of the details of superior Maine built craftsmanship that go into each and every Bay of Maine Boat.  Please note the images are thumbnails to allow for a faster page load.  Simply click an image for the full size version.

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